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Your business may be a brick-and-mortar one. It may be an online one. It may be an established one or a new one. But one thing is for sure, all types of businesses require publicity marketing. What then are the helpful tips that every type of business can adhere to in order to spruce up their publicity marketing strategies?

Publicity Marketing Tip #1: Help Out Reporters

There are actually websites that has a purpose of helping out reporters get quality leads for a particular subject matter. Many different reporters (ranging from twenty to thirty) might post a query on the site or through email notifying you on a certain topic and asking for help on whom they can interview. If it so happens that it is in the line of business of your company, then do offer yourself to become an interviewee or become a representative of the company.

This will enable you and the company to get free media exposure and to indirectly advertise your though leadership on a certain subject matter.

Publicity Marketing Tip #2: Use Press Releases

A press release may seem to be out of date in today’s highly technological media environment. In fact the press release continues to be a powerful tool  and has evolved together with the evolution of internet technology as well as social media. Whether it is to announce a company event or new services and products, the press release is a viable tool to communicate to consumers. One can even make different press releases for different markets. It can also be announced today through different means. Gone are the days when press releases are only communicated through newspapers. Today, a press release can be announced though a blog and through other social media means. This is a great opportunity in terms of widening the consumer reach for every press release announced.

Publicity Marketing Tip #3: The Use of Social Networking Sites

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twiiter are not limited for use to find old friends and connect with family, friends and colleagues. These sites can be used for publicity marketing as well. They can be used to develop customer relationships, address customer feedback, and build a loyal customer following. One can even advertise though these social networking sites. If your company wants to truly broaden its reach, then it may be time to tap these social networking sites to serve that purpose.

Publicity Marketing Tip #4: Be Responsive To Breaking News

There is now an online means to be updated with what new topics arise along your field of work or industry. Google Alert for instance can be a potent agent to communicate breaking news on a certain topic efficiently. One has to simply subscribe to Google Alerts then when a news comes on the topic you’ve subscribed to, Google will immediately send you an email pointing to that website. This will allow you to comment on a certain issue right away. When negative press comes for instance, this alert will allow you to communicate your response swiftly and do some troubleshooting immediately. This will save your company frorm eventual reputation collapse if ever such negative issues are not addressed.


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