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Horse training is not as simple as it looks. Trainers often have the patience and determination to successfully train their horses without hassle. In addition to that, one must have experience when it comes to taking care of horses and training them. If you don’t know how to do this then it’s best to take another route. For those who want to train their horses, then they ought to know the common problems and how to solve them.

To start horse training 101, you first must know the two types of problems. The first problem is caused by fear and ignorance and second is a willful act of defiance. Regarding the first problem, you must address the horse using empathy and patience. Try to feel your stallion’s fear and help him get out of it, by using love. As for those horses who act on willful defiance, you must be strict the moment he begins his defiance. Let him learn the things that he needs to know when he defies you. He will surely understand that he is doing something wrong and would stop it.

Another common problem that you might encounter with the horse is that he doesn’t want to be caught. This is where you will do some of the horse training and don’t act like someone who intends to catch it. Put yourself in a horse’s hoof, and looking at someone who tries to catch you with a predator’s intent in his eyes. The best thing to do during this situation is to use soft, non-threatening eye contact when approaching, don’t run but just walk towards him with a soft voice.

These are some of the common problems when you want to train your horses. It’s good that you are prepared when you want to train them. Seek help from a professional if you are having trouble. It would also be best that you search for other information to help you understand more about training and caring for your horses.


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